The Lily Street House Amazing Living Room Interior Design

According to Antal, Blake’s Flower Plate is composed of three flower poems on the same plate for a reason: to illustrate three types of love; Poetic Love, Earthly Love, and Human Love. The Lilly deals with the “Poetic Love” concept of this “threefold vision of love”. This is considered the “Poetic Love” because the Lilly is innocent, and pure, and unable to be besmirched by love or by thorns. As Johnson states, “Oddly enough, most emblem designs featuring lilies show the flower surrounded by thorns. ” Blake’s Lilly has no thorns. Unlike the sheep or the Rose, the Lilly is the purest of them all. This echoes poetic love as ideally, love should be flawless. Love should be perfect and everything that people dream of. Even though the two lovers themselves may have flaws, love itself shouldn’t have any.